👉 Why You Need Speedwrite


After you subscribe to Speedwrite, you'll see a "manage subscription" button here, on this page.

If you already have an active subscription, and you don't see the "manage subscription" button, this means you've logged into Speedwrite with the incorrect account.

Speedwrite is a privacy-first company, so troubleshooting lost account issues can be a bit tricky.

Try this: Search your email for messages from "info@speedwrite.com" -- you should have received a "welcome" email from Speedwrite about a day after you signed up.

If you originally signed in with the "sign in with Google" or "log in with Facebook" buttons, you'll need to start by logging into the correct Google or Facebook account, and then using the same button, again.

Note -- you might need to sign out of Speedwrite in order to sign in with the correct account. Use the "sign out" link at the bottom of this page.

If you still are unable to log into your account, please email info@speedwrite.com with *all four* of these pieces of information: 1) The date of your last Speedwrite charge AND 2) The amount of your last Speedwrite charge AND 3) The last 4 digits of the credit card you used to sign up for a subscription with AND 4)The expiration date of the credit card you used to sign up for a subscription with. Please send this in an email to info@speedwrite, and be sure all the information is correct, and our automated system will be able to locate your account and send you login directions. Thanks.